What Is Lumen?

Lumen is a webinar platform that allows users to interact with live, in-person people over the internet via web conferences. What makes it distinct is that it converts text to video. It is a multiple-tiered online service, and, quite evidently, from its pricing plan, it is undoubtedly aimed at corporate businesses. In reality, the Lumen developers say that over 400,000 firms have made the most of their services. To put things into perspective, Lumen offers various features that are pretty valuable for a company.


Perhaps one of the most important offerings of Lumen is its video content conversion feature. This is something that can be very useful to large businesses especially. This gives them the ability to use their websites as a marketing tool by allowing members to upload their short video clips and make these available for all to see. The good thing about this is that they can also upload and share high-quality, professional-looking videos posted by their clients.


The second feature is its video creation platform. There are various ways through which Lumen can be utilized. It can be used through its “Credits” page, where members can post their credits where clients can, in turn, choose from those published by others on the site. They can then choose to add their credits or leave the credits blank. Either way, this can help generate more interest among potential clients.


Aside from the “Credits” page, Lumen also offers its video Marketplace where members can post original one-minute videos with various categories. The Marketplace provides two different ways through which one can get exposure. The first is the Pay Per Click Search Engine which requires one to pay per click-through, which the marketer will be charged for each link that is clicked. The second is the lumen listings wherein a marketer can list their videos in the lumen marketplace where interested parties can then browse and choose. The lumen marketplace is just like a community site where members can rate and comment on the videos posted by other members.


The third feature that is offered by Lumen is the blog post commenting feature. If a blogger


Wishes to create a new blog post; they only need to log in and start a comment. The comments posted will show up in the blog post, and users can then interact with the writer by sending private messages and making questions or requests. This is how Lumen helps to give media library features to bloggers through its easy-to-use media library feature.


To sum it up, Lumen offers a complete package of services that includes video creation, blog post comments, and Lumen Marketplace. These three features are meant to be used together to boost your online branding efforts. By using the three different aspects offered by Lumen, you will be able to create engaging and high-quality videos that can be linked to your blogs. This will help to build your brand image as well as turn those who are interested in your business into actual customers. With Lumen, your blogging efforts will become a success story.

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